Business Analysis and Optimization

  • Identify barriers to growth and profitability
  • Uncover value enhancement opportunities
  • Identifynew business opportunities
  • Leverage business strategies
  • Create new distribution channel strategies


  • Identify partnership &/or merger opportunities

Business Planning

  • Reposition to create value with various stakeholders
  • Preparation of business plans,particularly for fund raising
  • Strategic risk analyse


Transformation Leadership

  • Interim management
  • Integration of mergers and acquisitions
  • Business process implementation
  • Change management and coaching
  • Negotiations
  • Development and implementation of exit strategies

Transformation Processes

  • Assess businesses processes and operations
  • Industry and market enhancements
  • Develop of partnerships
  • Position for fundraising and assistance in the raise
  • Implementable results delivering tactics
  • Facilitation and change management
  • Financial analysis